We have established the Sustainable Procurement Basic Policy to build a socially responsible supply chain based on trust and cooperation with our suppliers of raw and other materials

Milbon Sustainable Procurement Basic Policy

1.Compliance with Laws and Regulations, and Respect for International Codes of Conduct

We will comply with various national laws and regulations, and encourage procurement activities that respect international codes of conduct.

2.Consideration for Human Rights, Labor, Safety, and Health

We will encourage procurement activities that respect fundamental human rights and are mindful of working environments, safety, and health.

3.Ensuring Optimal Procurement Levels

We will encourage procurement activities targeting optimal supply levels in conjunction with quality, safety, and cost considerations.

4.Fair and Equitable Procurement

We will provide all of our suppliers with opportunities for fair and equitable competition, based on the results of a comprehensive evaluation of their quality, safety, cost, reliable procurement, information disclosure, CSR initiatives, and more.

5.Consideration for the Global Environment

We will encourage procurement activities mindful of the global environment.

6.Maintaining Information Security

We will be rigorous in our management of information that is confidential and privacy-related as it pertains to our procurement transactions.

7.Co-Existence with Our Suppliers

We will engage in initiatives for mutual development with our suppliers in order to establish a relationship of co-existence.

Supply Chain Management

We use methods like EcoVadis and SAQ to check our major suppliers’ initiative status, so as to understand the magnitude of risks associated with these suppliers.

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