Outside Audit & Supervisory Board Member Certified public accountant

Yoshihiko Okuda

Career summary

March 1976

Joined Fukuoka Regional Taxation Bureau

July 2004

Associate Appeals Judge, Fukuoka Regional Tax Tribunal

July 2006

Deputy District Director, Kokura Tax Office

July 2009

Professor, Technical Education Department, National Tax College

July 2013

District Director, Kanoya Tax Office

April 2015

Director (Appeals Judge), Yokohama Branch, Tokyo Regional Tax Tribunal

April 2017

Director, Takamatsu Regional Tax Tribunal

March 2018

Attached to the Commissioner’s Secretariat, National Tax Agency

June 2018

Registered as tax accountant

March 2020

Outside Audit & Supervisory Board Member of the Company (current position)

Reasons for the appointment

Mr. Okuda is a certified public tax accountant. The Company expects him to utilize his accounting and taxation experience and insight as a certified public tax accountant to further strengthen the Company's auditing system. For this reason, the Company appoints him as an Outside Audit & Supervisory Board Member.

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