Outside Board Director (Independent) Certified public accountant and President of Corporate Strategy Research Institute

Shoichiro Takahata

Career summary

April 1975

Joined Japan Finance Corporation for Small and Medium Enterprise

October 1986

Registered as certified public accountant

April 1993

President of Corporate Strategy Research Institute (current position)

March 2005

Audit & Supervisory Board Member of the Company

March 2016

Outside Board Director of the Company (current position)

Reasons for the appointment

Mr. Takahata is a certified public accountant and an expert in finance and accounting. In addition, he has abundant experience and knowledge as President of the Corporate Strategy Research Institute. The Company expects him to utilize his financial and accounting experience and expertise as a certified public accountant to further strengthen the Company's governance structure, and actively offer his opinions and proposals on corporate management.
Although he has not been directly involved in the management of a listed company in the past, for the reasons stated above, the Company believes that he will be able to appropriately perform his duties as an Outside Board Director. He is independent of the management team that executes business operations, and there is no potential conflicts of interest with general shareholders.

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