Ryuji Sato

Career summary

April 1981

Joined the Company

December 1999

General Manager of Products Produce Dept.

December 2000

General Manager of Marketing Dept.

March 2002

Board Director and General Manager of Marketing Dept.

December 2003

Managing Executive Director

March 2008

President and CEO

January 2024

Chairperson(current position)

Reasons for the appointment

Mr. Sato has abundant experience and knowledge of the promotion of strategy gained through his wide-ranging experience in sales, product planning, marketing, corporate planning, and more at the Company. Since assuming office as President & CEO in 2008, he has leveraged his strong leadership and contributed to the Company's growth over the years. In the current fiscal year, in particular, he led the expansion of the Company's business performance in the environment of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Company has determined that he will be able to make a further contribution to the consistent enhancement of the Company's corporate value in the future, and for this reason, appoints him as a Board Director.

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