Our Policy Our Policy

Milbon supports women
the world who
want to be beautiful.

1 サロンとのパートナーシップ - partnership with salon

For you
to become
more beautiful.

A salon where women visit
because they want to be beautiful.

To make this wish come true,
Milbon cherishes partnerships with salons.
Salons must become more attractive through
support for bringing out the beauty in women.

We deliver the ideal in beauty
for each individual through hair designers
to women around the world.

We offer support for the growth of
hair designers by
providing a place to learn.

2 最先端の基礎研究 - the most advanced research

Products that
meet the expectations
of professionals.

Milbon products brings out
the everyday beauty in women.
Behind every product is the accumulation
of state-of-the-art technology, analysis,

and examinations.

We value quality and safety,
and we are selective about ease-of-use.

When the sensibility of a top hair designer
and the science of Milbon come together,
beauty is of the highest degree.

3 そして世界へ - to worldwide

To make women
around the world
more beautiful.

From Japan, Milbon offers the beauty
in women to the rest of the world.

In order to make the wish for beauty
come true for more women,
Milbon looks to advance into more than
ten regions around the world.

We offer stunning beauty for women
with different hair quality and preferences
around the world.

We provide products and cosmetic techniques,
and we communicate the happiness and
excitement of becoming beautiful.